Dear patrons!

We’re entering a new era in our life! In September, our beloved American Center will begin renovations, which promise amazing opportunities for you. Here’s a peek at what to expect:

✓ A new Makerspace with 3-D printer and other fantastic toys!
✓ Contemporary and hip furniture!
✓ New expanded work stations!
✓ And much, much more!

Are you excited yet? We sure are. But fret not! During our renovations, we will still be conducting events with amazing guests and speakers, clubs and other activities. (And do we have a great program for you this fall!) These events may take place in a different hall, but in the same library building, thanks to the generosity of the Library of Foreign Literature. Please stay tuned to our websites and announcements for more information.

We thank you for your patience during these renovations and greatly look forward to sharing the new us with the new you!

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American Center
Dear Patrons!

Due to the upcoming renovations the checked-out books and DVDs should be returned to the Center till the 1-st of October, 2014. Thank you!

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    In the next few days
    September 18
    Round table
    **CANCELED** Round Table: Russian and U.S. Stereotypes
    September 19
    English Language for the Hard-of-Hearing/Deaf
    September 20
    AMC Literature Club John Steinbeck
    September 20
    English Conversation Club
    September 21
    American Center and EAC Closed
    *** CLOSED ***
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    Open America

    Ambassador Beyrle's blog (in Russian)


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